What Cube square can handle

At GetFriday, we can handle almost any task, business or personal, that doesn't require our physical presence. If it can be carried out over the internet, via email, fax, telephone, or chat, we can handle it.

Think of us as a regular assistant who is sitting in the next room. Anything that you would ask that assistant to do, we could probably handle. Except that the next room is in another country, so we can't handle anything physical. We can't get you your daily cup of coffee, but we might be able to get someone else to deliver it to you.

Basic Services and Tasks
When you sign up for a GetFriday assistant, you get access to the following basic services:

• Calendar Management • Customer Interaction Management • Home Assistance
• Purchases • Online Research • Phone
• Travel • Data Entry • Database Management
• Follow Up and Reminder • Secretarial; • Personal
This covers a huge range of tasks. Here are some tasks we handle on a regular basis:
• Organizing Plumbers and Electricians...
• Managing Databases
• Buying books, CDs, DVDs...
• Organizing travel arrangements (Tickets, Hotels)
• Setting up appointments
• Online Research
• Moderating and Updating Blogs
• The list goes on and on...

Specialized Tasks
We have two specialist teams:

1. Internet Marketing (SEO / SEM).
2. Website Design and Development.

You can check out their services in more detail by clicking the Specialized Services List on the left.

Not Your Run of the Mill Tasks
We've handled some pretty crazy tasks. Here are some of the "rarer" tasks we've handled.

1. We've handled wake calls, calling in with the news for the day and traffic and weather updates. Then calling back 10 minutes later to make sure the client was awake.
2. We organized a huge clean up. Our client's plumbing went awry. We got it fixed and cleaned up the mess.
3. We helped find a lost dog. Fido's home safe now.
4. We helped find a lost client. He was lost in a new city. We found out where he was, got a cab to pick him up and take him to his destination.
5. We lent a hand to a client trying to lose weight. We found and bought items that fit in with his diet plan. Called him up with reminders and charted the progress.
6. We organized a wedding. Photographers, locations, invitations, RSVPs...
7. We've intervened in arguments between couples. Obviously not something we like to do on a regular basis.
8. We've taught algebra to a sixth grader.
9. We got the snow shoveled after a blizzard.
10. We've organized birthday parties for two year olds. Clowns and all.