Travel & Concierge Services

Cube Square is a professional lifestyle management and time saving service for busy people worldwide. Our Virtual Personal Assistants are highly effective and will help you to reduce stress, save time and be more productive. We offer a personal service, tailored to the individual needs of our clients. Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, Cube Square can make all the arrangements you need for any trip.

When you know of your travel plans, turn that information over to Cube Square with specific instructions on preferred flight times, travel classification, any airlines to avoid, hotels of choice, type of accommodation, and any special instructions for anything you might want close to the hotel. Once your Cube Square virtual assistant has the information, he/she can call and research the airlines and hotels in the area and find your best deals. They can send you the results of their search for you to choose what meets your needs and desires.

After you make those choices, you can email that back to your Cube Square Virtual Assistant. He/she can make the reservations, make sure you get your reward points, guarantee everything with your credit card, and email your itineraries and receipts to you. After you double check everything to be sure it meets your satisfaction, you are set for all the trips you plan to take.

If you are planning a holiday with your family, you can have your Cube Square Virtual Assistant plan activities for your children or you by giving them a list of things you want to do. Relax, unwind, refresh yourself and return ready to pursue your dreams with new enthusiasm.

Reservations & tickets - If you need restaurant reservations, would like to purchase tickets to events to or are planning a party and need a personal chef, our Cube Square virtual assistant can take care of it for you.

Personal Virtual Assistant Errands - If you need someone to schedule a pick-up for your dry cleaning or laundry, make an appointment with a maid service , buy a gift, or pick even arrange a rental car, Cube Square can help.

Concierge Services Information – Cube Square will also dig up information you may need. If you arrive in a strange city and need to know where the best restaurants or most reasonable hotels are, Cube Square virtual assistants will find out for you.

If you have any questions about how we can help you make your life better, please feel free to call us or chat with us.