-Ranjit, UK
"I cannot start the day without GetFriday. They are my secretary, personal trainer and research assistant rolled into one... but much cheaper and more motivated than UK staff"

-Managing Director, Zaebra Consulting Ltd., UK
"Asha and her team provided an excellent and highly professional service. Our requests were met promptly and the quality of work was impressive"
Paul, USA, We shot a brief video
"I LOVE IT!!! Great job. You guys are naturals"
-Christopher, USA, Educational research for his 8-year-old son
"Perfect. Thank you. You are getting too good at this"
-Andrew Miles, London
"An excellent, value-for-money service. Thoroughly recommended"
-Michael Barrett, London
"This is a great service. I really recommend you try it. If it involves telephoning or a computer, GetFriday can probably do it as well as someone in the next room. So why pay for it in England, if you can get it done in India for a fraction of the price?"
-A.J. Jacobs, Editor-at-large, Esquire Magazine
"I hired Your Man in India for a bold experiment. The experiment was quite successful."