Our database is encrypted and the password is not stored anywhere on any server. The servers sit on our secure network protected by firewalls and double passwords.

All our office spaces are protected by a card access system that keeps track of all movement.

All servers and file storage lie behind a further access point and are only accessible by certain key members of our tech and billing departments.

At no point in time does your assistant get access to you credit card information. Despite this, we can make online purchases on your behalf without any hindrance to you. This is possible through our Safe Access System.

Cube square uses Pivotal, which is a product of CDC software. It is a world-class customer relationship management package and is based on a secure Microsoft Windows framework. Every email, task and time log is stamped with the user and time and tracked on this system.

Your emails are automatically routed to your assistant. The CRM has also been customized to allow your assistant to track your tasks and the work being done by other assistants for you.