Home Assistance

Cube Square can be your very own virtual personal assistant for helping out with chores around the house. Think of that highly efficient butler who can get just about anything done.

Some examples of tasks we can do to make your life at home better:-

• Daily wakeup calls that also deliver the local weather and traffic report
• Finding a maid service, nanny or baby sitter for your child
• Calling the phone or cable company to arrange repairs
• Arranging your appointment at that spa or salon
• Ordering flowers for your spouse and telling them you will be late for dinner
• Reading bedtime stories to your children over the phone
• Online purchase of grocery at scheduled intervals
• Reminders for special occasions and gift purchases
• Arranging a locksmith in case of a lockout
• Get the best deal on that camera, car or cellphone
• Driving directions to the nearest Italian restaurant
• Finding information on that exotic holiday destination you have been thinking about
• Calling your spouse while you are on a flight and telling them that you miss them

We have a long of services we can do and have done. But it's pointless telling you we find you information about laptops if you don't use or need one. In the end you know best what your requirements are.

We like it when our clients push the limits and get creative. It makes our job fun, and makes your lives easier.

If you have any questions about how we can help you make your life better, please feel free to call us or chat with us.